Ian Malpass

Director/Head Coach

Ian is a qualified Club Professional with Tennis Australia Coaches. Ian has been coaching for over 25 years and has produced State, National and World ranked Players.


Ian Malpass Tennis Coach Brisbane

Kelli Zahmel

Program Manager

Kelli is a former Tennis Tour player who has been coaching for the last 9 years since coming off the professional tour. Kelli is a qualified Junior Development Coach with Tennis Australia Coaches.


Kelli Zahmel Tennis Coach Brisbane

Tyrone Smart

Senior Coach

Tyrone recently finished playing on the tour as a top-70 ranked player in Australia. He is a qualified level 1 coach with ATPCA


Tyrone Smart Tennis Coach Brisbane

Roy Malpass

Roy is a qualified coach with 35 years of coaching experience. He has coached highly ranked state and national players.


Jack Walton

Jack has been a highly nationally ranked player who has also been coaching for Malpass Tennis whilst finishing his year 12 studies.


Harry Wright

Harry is a past Churchie student who has been ranked highly within the state. Harry has been coaching for 3 years both for Malpass Tennis and his father in Mackay.


Carla Fernandez

Carla is passionate about playing tennis and one day decided to teach it. In 2016 she gained her qualification as a Junior Development Coach with Tennis Australia and has been coaching ever since.