Adult Program

Group Coaching

Adult group coaching perfect for anyone looking to try out tennis or looking for a few tips to improve their game. The session is based around points-play and matchplay where the coach can talk to players individually or as a group. Best of all, no commitment or upfront payment is required meaning you aren't losing out should something come up.
Cardio Tennis is a tennis lesson and a fitness session all in one! These sessions are designed for players to learn and play tennis, but is also a fun and different way to exercise and be healthy.
If you have a group of friends looking to start tennis or a team looking to improve, this is the coaching for you. This session will be closed to only your group, allowing for more personal coaching and greater individual attention.

Social Tennis

Social tennis is a great way to meet new friends and to simply play tennis. Players are organised into courts and play matches against each other in a social environment. Once matches are finished, players find a new partner and begin all over again