Please note that we have limited availability. If we are unable to fit you into a particular time slot, you can be placed onto a waiting list for that class or we can try find another time slot that may be suitable.

For Private classes and availability outside of these times please contact us via email, or fill out an enquiry form.

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RED BALL (Ages 5-8)

Learning the basics of tennis, along with improvements in coordination, spatial awareness and confidence.


ORANGE BALL (Ages 8-10)

Crucial technical development, progression of fundamental skills and the ability to maintain a rally.


GREEN BALL (Ages 9 and older)

Reinforcing proper technique and developing strategies, along with gaining an understanding of the rules and various types of competition.


YELLOW BALL (Ages 12 and older)

Advanced technical and strategical concepts with a heavy focus on creating the connection between practice and match play.


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