Junior Program

Group Lessons

A modified tennis program for new young players to our game. We cover the basics the basics of the Tennis strokes wrapped in a lesson full of fun.
The second stage of development of our junior players. This stage is when the player is able consistently have success with rallying on a three quarter sized court whilst holding a shape of swing. Technique is worked on more in this stage so that they are ready to progress to a full size court green ball program
The third stage of their development with the ball having now 75 per cent compression. This is the stage where the technical side of the player’s game takes shape and they become able to rally consistently with players on a full size court.
These squads can vary in length of time between 60 and 90 minutes long. These sessions are more tactical based lessons to help the players who have successfully moved through the other stages of development work on point structure and strategy. The technical side of the player’s game is still worked on.

More Individual Attention

This type of lesson whilst being more expensive allows the coach and player to improve at a quicker rate. The pupil has the full attention of the coach and has the opportunity to hit several more balls than they would in a group environment.
This lesson type can be a 2 or 3 person to 1 coach. The price of the lesson is split between the player’s involved in the lesson. Like the private lesson it allows the player to hit more balls and get more concentrated time from the coach.

Putting Those Skills to Use

Our junior fixture program is in place for our players to start enjoying the playing of tennis points, sets and matches. It gives them the opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt through their tennis lessons.
Our club competitions are team matches where our players get to play against players possibly from another club. The player also gets to face up against players who maybe older or younger, so they get to test their skills against various playing types.
Tournaments and Tournament travel are for the players who want to get a little more serious about our sport. There are several tournaments for all levels around Brisbane and Queensland. Malpass Tennis Coaching for many years has taken players to tournaments in Queensland and Australia to give their players an opportunity to see and play against people with the same desire to be good at tennis.